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I just purchased the following domain names:

I am now looking into web hosts. My needs are very simple, I don't need huge amounts of space. Intially the website will almost be like a blog in the sense that most of the content will be on the main page. However, I am going to eventually want to try and take it to the next level, slowly adding features as I go.

Any advice on affordable web hosts that will meet my needs?

Also, while I am somewhat proficient in HTML, I would also be interested in anyone's reccomendations about website building software, and how exactly that works. This site, while hopefully one day down the road could lead to income, is not something I want to dump a ton of up front money into ... or pay someone to design for me. I'd rather take it slow and steady, do the design myself, and work towards one day being able to free up the time to keep all the content fresh myself.

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