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Originally Posted by schweb
What does this have to do with the posters question? Please don't be obnoxious. Besides, you'd better read Graphite's rules, you don't want to be banned for life
Actually he answered the question for me and as far as what I posted it is all in good fun. And unless I missed a rule which I highly doubt here is the one you may be referring to:

"If any member begs for votes or nominations, they will be banned for life."

I have not asked for votes nor do I want votes for MF-MotM for myself EVER. On the other hand it doesn't say anything about posting of others. So that is so open for interpretation it is not even funny. Maybe it should be amended but until then I think I am within the rules from the way I read them. Have I even begged for votes or nominations, Nope. Are people who post signs for their campaign in a city election begging for votes? I guess it is all about what you consider to be begging. Now if I go around PMing and posting vote for ME, now I would consider that begging.

So in short I don't think I have done anything wrong, imo, other than maybe not answering the original posters question but now I will.

DITTO on what rs2sensen said. That's the only rendering I can think of but it all depends on what type of rendering you are talking about.
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