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From Windows experience:

Sorry, I cant abide by NVU . . . sure it looks nice and stuff, but thats about it. It point blank refuses to handle some of the code i want to put into pages . . . and thats even with me hand coding it into the HTML code tab. Go back to save the file and it decides to change it all and if it doesn't understand it, then it just removes the section of code.

I found it just woeful. Uninstalled in less than a day.

I quite like Frontpage . . . it does what you tell it to ( but you have to be wary of not letting it take over and getting sucked in the MS specific stuff )

MAcromedia Dreamweaver i like as well.

but before all that, learn the basics. It makes it oh so much easier when you layout a page and then want to tweak parts of the HTML code itself.
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