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I have a four year old PowerMac G4, model 2001.07, 733MHz, 384mb SDRAM. I also have 3 other computers which are online via my Linksys 802.11g broadband wireless router (one of the 3 online is a brand new iMac G5).

I've upgraded my old G4 by installing a superdrive and Tiger OS X, now I want to get it online via the wireless system. The "Apple genius" at the nearest Apple store (90 miles away) told me that I need an Airport card - not an Airport Extreme card. He said the Extreme card won't work on my old G4. :confused:

My question is this; Okay, I can buy an Airport card online - is that all that I will need or do I also need an Airport base station too? My iMac G5 works just great with my wireless system without an Airport base station - no problems whatsoever.

Thanks in advance, and Happy Halloween :spook:
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