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I’ve been connecting to my Mac from my PC, and it worked great. I reinstalled the operating system on the Mac (10.2.7) and now I can’t connect.

I have “windows file sharing” enabled on the Mac, and it says “you can connect to the Mac from your pc by going to \\\skop” … “skop” is the name of the Mac user.

I have a Router and the Mac ip is

I can ping the mac and get a response, and the mac can connect to the internet no problem.

When I try to connect from the PC I get an authentication box on the pc asking me for my user name and password… BUT when I enter in the user name “skop” and enter the correct password, the user name “skop” changes to “Ezra\skop” (Ezra being the name of my PC) …. As if I where trying to authenticate to a windows network … BUT THIS DIDN”T HAPPEN BEFORE!
And I can’t connect

…any ideas?
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