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First of all will the printer print when connected to your Ibook? and second how old is this printer. maybe it is time to invest in a new printer. if you want to use your Mac Mini to print stuff for your ibook first check and see if it works connected to your ibook if it does then it will work wirelessly with your mini. if that does work look up your printer and find what print software they offer. most likley they will have a software version for OS9 in that case install OS9 classic on your Mini(it comes with a CD) then when you print it will use the OS9 software. that is how i use my very old HP scanner that they no longer make software drivers for. Depending on what you need you can get a really nice printer for around 150$ i personally got a 200$ laser printer but its black and white only but thats all i print is papers for school and it works great. I have my laser printer connected to the Mac mini and 2 powerbooks print off it wirelessly.
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