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Originally Posted by Slydude View Post
It seems that part of the reason for not allowing the search of cell phones without a warrant is the realization of just how much data people store on them. Including information, such as financial data, that law enforcement doesn't usually have access to without a valid search warrant. I think it's a logical extension of the ruling to apply the warrant requirement to iPads, wearables, and similar devices.
Let me play devil's advocate for a moment. Can we be reasonably sure that our information is not accessed via your network or internet? What if you use your personal device over the network at your workplace? What about personal emails that you send using your employee email account on your work computer? There are so many scenarios that there isn't just one answer that covers all situations. I know in my previous work I have had to personally go to 300 computers and check them for "unauthorized" activity. In this situation it was government equipment and you have no privacy expectations where it be laptop or smartphone. I was called a lot of names or having reported what I found.

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