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Originally Posted by lclev View Post
I believe that while a person had the "right" to not have their phone searched, it was a gray area that was being exploited. Technology has created a whole new set of issues and the new ruling has provided clarity. Cellphones have come along and created a whole wealth of information - especially for law enforcement. Come on, we use them like they are our life line, recording all kinds of things, creating a target rich environment.

Next will be our ipads - I carry mine in my purse - doesn't everyone??? And just wait...with the wearables on the horizons that too will raise questions.

I carry my iPad, backup charger and sometimes my Kindle along with my iPhone. Most of the time I have my Typo Keyboard with me as well. I believe (maybe not in our lifetime) but in the future there will be no "assumption" of privacy. That will go the same way the no-call list went. Our world is changing at such a fast pace I don't believe we will ever have the same rights or privileges we once did. Of course back when I was young the only communication you had was wired and the thought of someday having "wireless" never entered our minds. We were happy just chasing "light-up bugs"!

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