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I was using my phone last night to take pictures and suddenly it froze on the lock screen. I was able to see when I got texts but unable to access the phone or even turn it off. SO I took the battery out. It was around half charged. When I put the battery back in the phone would not power on. I brought it home and plugged it in and the phone went to 100% charged but it was stuck on Thursday July 1st which isn't even a valid date. Plus the time is wrong. It wouldn't connect to the internet, it just keeps saying searching for service. I don't have phone service, I use it with a wifi hot spot so I went into settings to turn on the wifi and I can't turn anything on. If I unplug the phone it turns off immediatly. I reset the settings and figured I'll try to connect it to itunes and get what I can before I do a hard restart but it wont connect, it just flashes the logo and turns off. I'd like to salvage the data if I can but really I want to find out how to fix it and what happened. I'm running iOS 7.1.1.

Also if I leave it plugged in it restarts and the date and time when it restarts in a different month.
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