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Hey Everyone..
I was up in Manila Philippines this weekend for a VA appoint. Well anyway I went over to the Mall of Asia, its a super huge mall if you have never been there. Well anyway I wanted to go by the Power Mac Center, a "certified apple reseller". Since I have been heavily considering the base model Power Mac, I wanted to see what they wanted for it. Now to start with this computer isn't small. Its actually twice the size it looks like in the photos to me at least. To give you an idea, its circumference is really close to that of the Mac Mini. Just about a foot taller. Well anyway, I seen the price and I was thinking, hey does this come with a TB display. They said no. Only the base model.. They wanted 156,000 PhP for the machine!! Thats $3,565.71 based on current exchange rate of 43.75 PhP per 1 US dollar. So they are charging OVER $1000 more then Apples listed MSRP. Is this legal in terms of doing business with Apple. I know how they like to maintain a good image.. But this is killing them. The sales guys loosely said it was due to import taxes.

IDK, keep in mind. Sales tax is included in the sale price here in the Philippines, but that would only be about 200 or so dollars.. I think they are ripping people off.

What do y'all think?

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