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Originally Posted by TattooedMac View Post
I have a App called Air Video HD on my iPad Mini, and with the Server on both my Macs, I can watch ANY video I want to. They are streamed from my iMac or MBP, and all I have to do is, open the Server on my Mac, open Air Video HD, and then add the folders I have movies in, to the App, and they are all accessible. You can either watch them on the fly, or convert them to watch on my iPad Mini at a later date. I now have access to 370 odd movies and 500+ TV shows.

I know VLC does the same job, but to be honest, in this instance, you get what you pay for, and I have had nothing but problems with the VLC App, hence me spending a few $ and buying something that I know that works. I use to use Air Video, but they updated it, and now bought the next version they bought out, the Air Video HD version which is so much better UI and so many great features, and worth every cent.

Im streaming from my iMac to the other end of the house, off a connected Ext HD, through a Airport Express as a WiFi Extender, and doesn't miss a beat.

Just read the reviews on the page
It sounds like Air Video HD is the same as what Home Sharing does. Am I wrong in thinking that? If so, can someone clarify what the difference is because I'm not seeing it.
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