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Here's my situation. I'm currently trying to get my digital photo frame to play home videos and not dvd videos. These videos can come from my iphone 5, Canon S95, Canon SD550, Sony A7, or Canon HF M41. I know it's a whole bunch of different formats and the frames appear to only accept MPEG4 or AVI. I found this link that gives recommended instructions on converting files to a potentially usable format. I tried it it works on one frame that I have but it's an old frame and the video came out blotchy. I don't know if that is from the video itself or the material. Another frame I have, which is newer, didn't even display the video.

Is there an easier way to display my home videos through my ipad as if it were a digital "photo/video" frame? I have created some movies through iMovie and successfully loaded them to itunes and then shared them to the ipad but I guess the material will be limited to the size of the hard drive.

Is there a way to connect an external hard drive to an ipad so that I can load all of my home movies created from iMovies onto the hard drive and let the ipad run the videos from there?

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