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Originally Posted by Stjarna View Post
Hi there. I have the latest IPad Retina 7" and find it very bothersome to type a letter or a report on it. Someone replied to me that I could get a separate wireless keyboard. I looked into that and see I can buy that , but then remembered that I had bought a full size Apple keyboard for my Mackbook while doing accounting as I needed the adding keys on the right hand side. Can I use that one for my I pad ? I have plugged it in as it has the ports, but I don't seem to be able to get it to work, nothing happens and I can't find anything in settings. Thanks.
Hello - there is an overwhelming number of keyboard (KB) options for an iPad - most of these are Bluetooth (BT) compatible (i.e. wireless) - I've been using Apple's version w/ my iPad 2 for three years now; convenient to pack and easy setup; of course, there are many other third party makers of BT KBs. Another consideration is whether you want a keyboard built into a case for the iDevice or a stand alone option? There are wired choices, also but not as many - NOW, whether the wired KB you own will work w/ an iPad depends on the manufacturer - if not made to operate on an iPad, then you likely are out of luck.

For MUCH more information, please consult this recent review on iPad KBs HERE; also if possible, visit an Apple store (or other distributor of Apple products, such as Best Buy) - bring along your device and give some a try & ask a few questions regarding your particular needs. Good luck - Dave
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