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in android phones there is an excellent "@VOICE ALOUD READER" which allows me to store countless news or text articles for my interest and it speaks them back to me from one article to next, while l can do something else. My standard iphone4s allows me to "speak" only the currently highlighted text. is there a way to make it continue reading other articles of interest without a charge?

Also highlighting the text in iphone4s is precarious and relatively time consuming compared to my samsung note 2, where l just highlight a single word (~1sec) and press the 4 squared icon at the top (~1sec) to highlight all the text. in my iphone4s, i highlight a word first (~1sec), then move my finger or thumb up or down to highlight all the text, (~1sec) but when l take my finger off after a further ~(3secs), very likely all the highlight unhighlights, and l have to start again, frequently l have to do again about 3-5 times. all to "speak" one article and having to repeat again for next article. whereas it only takes ~2seconds to speak countless articles of interest with @VOICE ALOUD READER.

Any tips on making iphone 4s more user friendly?
is the 5s as user "unfriendly" or more user friendly like androids, or note2

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