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Thanks a lot Jake for the helpful reply.

My need to post was simply because 90% of advice online is to run a clean install.

The fact that I didn't, but that the 'unclean' install still 'worked', led me to wonder if I should stay as it is and risk consequences - or just go ahead and redo - if that indeed was still ok to do so on the new system.

Thanks for your patience and comprehensive reply, in advising me to go ahead and do the format via Utilities.

Actually, pigoo didn't tell me to do that at all. His replies exuded condescension and irritability in equal measure. I suspect he understood perfectly what I was concerned about, but chose instead to be obtuse rather than helpful, deliberately avoiding answering the clear questions I posed. No matter - we all have bad days.

For those who are interested, the best advice regarding a clean install imho is here

which I found quite by mistake just now. I've gone ahead and redone the thing from scratch, and feel a whole lot more secure. Everything's working just fine.

Thanks again,

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