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Hey, thanks for your answer a month earlier. I was new to Mac so I did follow your advise and navigate but I guess it was too complex for me. I later created 4 desktops and got into a habit of opening safari in one, mail in the other and so on for pages, numbers and / iPhoto / sketch, what ever it was that i was working on. I did spend more time looking at the preferences and trying out each new thing and when i dint need to look at a window for some time, click the yellow minus and get it to the dock.
As a new user, I found voice over used too much brain resources that i did not have. I learnt to use the single , double and so on unto 4 fingers to navigate. Pushing up 4 fingers i use now only if i have forgotten whats open where although its rare.
I learnt that control right / left arrow will swipe between desktops. I never use the full screen mode (don't have to) so i don't get confused.
Thanks again for getting me started off.
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