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I have never gone for a new OS just after it has been released because, in my experience which goes back to OS 2, it always take a little while for an upgrade to settle down and run reliably. I was just looking at the forum and noting all the problems people seem to be having with Mavericks and was about to ask is it worth it?

Ever since just after I got my MB Air which came with Mountain Lion I have been being 'nagged' by apple to upgrade it to Mavericks.

Coincidentally my wife has unintentionally 'upgraded' her late 2012 MBPro, bought new earlier this year, to 10.9.3. while I was composing this post. I'm not sure what she was upgrading from but she has been complaining to me for several days of odd behaviours of the type described by people having trouble with Mavericks so I suspect she has had it for some time. The clue was the lack of information about what was being upgraded that DonaG was talking about.

So now I have TWO questions:

* Is Mavericks worth the upgrade? ie Are the benefits of Mavericks sufficient to put up with the hassles?

* Macs don't seem to ship with install discs these days. How do we get back to Mountain Lion? Or is that an even bigger hassle?
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