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Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
What you describe Kath also happens with my 2012 iMac when either the trackpad (ditched the mouse) or keyboard batteries are getting low, less that 85% in System Preferences. The batteries seem to hold and hold at 100%, but when they start sliding they go really fast.
My keyboard is not wireless. Can't say I am too thrilled with the performance of wireless devices. I know they free up USB ports and as it is I have to use a hub because I have two printers, a scanner, a Wacom table, the keyboard, various pen drives and a "Passport" external drive attached to my computer, but I find that the performance of wireless items are never the same. However, I am positive that my problem is bluetooth related, as I disabled the bluetooth twice since my last post and both times my iMac slept like a baby. The minute I enabled it - boom! The random waking up was back.

When my current work project is finished though and I am able to shut down Photoshop, I will try what chscag suggested and see if that helps.
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