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I have been using MAIL on my MBP for several years. I have two Gmail accounts, an iCloud account and an account. Both GMail accounts stop receiving email, the other two keep working. GMail is using the incoming server using Port 993 and SSL. Ever since upgrading to Mavericks it has been unreliable. I'm running all the latest upgrades and have 10.9.2 running. Today I noticed that no mail had come in for the past two days. I have found that by taking each gmail account off line and then right back on line, that in a few minutes all the missing email will come in. I did that today around 2:00 PM. I noticed that gmail had come in on my iPhone around 5:00 but it wasn't showing on the MBP on both gmail accounts. I took both servers off line and then back on line and mail came in. I have been sitting at this computer working all afternoon, so the MBP hasn't gone to sleep, even once.
I'm sure others have seen this. Is there a fix for it? Is it a problem with Mavericks?

Sure is annoying to have to depend on my iPhone to see mail come in.
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