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Hi, after having to reinstall OSX, my external drives wont mount/show up on my Finder nor desktop screen.
When i go into Disc utility, all external drives are showing up and after running disc utility to Verify Disc, it says all is well.
Basically, the mac is recognising my discs within the disc repair, so why not on the mac itself?
I recently used OnyX which i remember 'Repaired the Disc Permissions'. Common sense says this may be the problem. Ive since ran the Mac's own Disc Utility' hoping that it could fault find and revert the permissions back to what they originally were. Unfortunately, even though the disc utility found errors and repaired them with the permissions, it still won't work/mount.
When using one of the drives on the disc utility, when i asked it to verify, it ran the program and at the bottom it says syncing device...
While this sounds promising, its been doing it for close to an hour. The drive is only 160Gb and formatted to NTFS.
To clarify also, ive checked the tick box within preferences of finder to show all external drives. Also without luck.
A strange one as well is the fact that i have an external drive running Time Machine, this for some reason is unaffected and is happily sitting on my desktop working away.

Any suggestions, however simple they may sound, would be appreciated.
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