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Hello Apple Geniuses,

I can successfully connect/share my 3 computers that is connected on the same Wi-Fi home network. To be specific, I have one Mac and two Windows computers connected and sharing folders on the same network.

I can access my Mac from Windows and vice versa. However, there is one characteristic I do not like when I share from my Mac. In other words, view my Mac folders FROM a WINDOWS PC. My Mac shares more folders than I want it to. Sure, I can share a single Mac folder from desktop to my Windows computer but I cannot restrict all the OTHER folders (movies, pictures, documents, music) that is inevitably shared with Windows, as it seems.

When I access Windows from my Mac, I can only access ONE folder from Windows. I typically create that single Windows folder on desktop known as 'My Sharing Folder'. That's how I want my Mac to be. Limited to the files or folders that I manually elect to share.

Thanks in advance

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