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For some time now, I've wanted to start my own website. I've had a blog for the last 2-3 years, but want to bring it to the next level.


I write for Bernie Kosar's Browns magazine and website, and am a huge Cleveland Sports fan. I've built up a pretty decent reader base, and want to have some place of my own to share my thoughts not just on the Browns, but on the other Cleveland sports teams. I'd also like to incorporate some other things into the website. News, movies, books, links, images, etc.

Here are my concerns, in order of importance to me:

1. Time - I have a full time job outside of my writing, and just had my 1st kid! I will still likely have time to write a piece or two a day for my website, but may not have time to update the other portions. I'm assuming a web hosting company can do this for me.

2. Technical Issues - I know the basics of HTML, am pretty proficient on my iBook and use it alot ... but know little about webpage creation, server space, and anything else that goes beyond the basics of HTML.

3. Web Hosting Company - So many out there!!! Who to use? I also need to purchase the domain name I have in mind still.

4. Cost - I know domain names are relatively cheap, not sure how much web hosting, server space, and getting my websites name out there will cost me.

I'm looking to be pointed in the right direction, and have recieved so much valuable advice from the awesome Mac community on this website since "making the switch" back in Feb. Many thanks in advance to any that could take a few moments out of their day to chime in.
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