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When sending to a group list I have created, I get an "unresolved recipients" error, the message is not sent and moved to my drafts. I know one of the email address are wrong but I don't know which one. The list is too long for me to test each one individually. Also many of these email addresses are company email addresses so if they leave their company this may just happen again in the future.

More info, I'm connected through an Exchange server. If I use OWA (the Web interface) the email will be sent to everyone and I'll receive an "undeliverable response" telling me the incorrect email address. Why can't Outlook tell me the wrong email address?

Some trouble shooting Ive done: I created a test group with 1 wrong email address. Then I sent a test email. I have enabled logging and have looked at the (very cryptic) log file. I tried to search for the wrong email address/domain/user in the log file but can't find anything... So it doesn't appear that microsoft even logs the email that is bad... Very frustrating. I am trying to fix this on an executive's computer but I've been able to replicate the error on my own computer. I don't want to have to tell the executive he has to use OWA as a work around. I can't believe I'm going to say this but I miss Entourage.

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