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I am aware of that.
This is why I was having issues.

Yes, I had. It asks for Disc two.

I ripped the drive out (160gb Caviar Blue), threw it on my main desktop, formatted it so it wasn't bootable, and put it back.
Then I took my spare drive (A 500gb Barracuda), and used Disk Utility to restore the DMG to the drive.
Then I put it in and booted and loaded the installer and made for a very fast installation.

Also, when I was in the boot device manager, my mouse didn't work and the only keyboard key that seemed to do anything was enter.
Not sure what's up with that.
But now I need a DVI/HDMI adapter ($8 6' cable on Amazon) and a keyboard and mouse to use with it.
It's going on my home theater system until I take the case and transplant my main desktop inside and probably drop the PowerMac guts into my Tempest 410 Elite.
But that's a tale for a different forum.
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