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Hello - first, please provide more information on your home network, i.e. router brand/model and Wi-Fi standards being used (e.g. 802.11 b/g/n - n is the current 'fast' standard although the newer ac specification is now available). Also, the Asus tablet above offers Wi-Fi b/g/n (info HERE), so if your router & tablet are both using 802.11 g or n, then w/ a good signal, the Asus device should be able to stream; of course, this raises the issue of signal strength in the location in your home being used for reception - there are apps that can provide that information, so let us know if you already have these available and also the distance between your router and devices (plus, the number of rooms & wall construction separating these areas).

Second, the newer Wi-Fi protocols are much faster than cellular although 'range' is a consideration in view of the above comments. If you are planning to use 'wireless' only in your home, then cellular is an added expense (both for the device and a data plan); however, if you travel and need constant internet access, especially in locales were Wi-Fi is not available (or expensive), then you might consider that option; also on an iPad the cellular devices come w/ GPS built-in which might be another need of yours. There are plenty of discussions of making this decision online - Google is your friend - just one to review HERE. Please respond to the questions above and more specific comments can be given. Dave
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