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Originally Posted by mmesford View Post
Hi. Just installed Mavericks (10.9.2)on my wife's MacBook Pro. It all seemed to go fine, the desktop looks like it did before, but when I click an icon in the dock the background goes flat grey for a second (the icons remain) and the dock slides away then returns. But nothing launches. The only thing that responds correctly is Finder. I've tried opening apps from Finder but get a similar response with no app opening. I've been able to open Preview by clicking on a pdf and a jpg but not EVERY pdf or jpg, just a random few.

I tried re-installing and fixing permissions and repairing the disk. No luck. We've got a fairly recent backup but what a pain. Anyone got any ideas before I do a wipe'n'load?
If you have a recent backup try a clean instal. I dont know what OS you were running before but the general opinion seems to be a clean instal with Mavericks is best.
Let us know if that works.

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