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Exodist is just really niceExodist is just really niceExodist is just really niceExodist is just really nice
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I think this is where you may have got confused on its file handling. Keep in mind if Lr moves the file, it will just move it to a none encapsulated folder. Like I shown above in my previous post. But I double checked to make sure Adobe didn't slip something new in on me and there isn't an type of vault option though. I didn't want to claim something and be wrong myself.
But Copy as DNG, converts the file to DNG and puts it in your designated photo library folder, also leaves the original file in place. Copy just copies the file to the library, but also leaves the original file. Move actually will remove the raw file or jpeg to the new library folder. Add will leave the file were it is located (even on your SD card), but adds the information to the catalog so it can keep up with any adjustments you make to the image.

Hoep this clears the confusion. I spend way more time in this program then I should. About 4 hours a day if not longer sometimes..
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