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Originally Posted by lifeisabeach View Post
Well that all depends on how much video you plan to shoot, as well as what else you have stored on the iPad. It may be best to have a plan in place to offload some of your video as needed, either to a cloud service ( offers something like 20 GB for free), or to a laptop.

Yes. Pages. And it'd be free with a new purchase of an iDevice.

As for other useful apps... well that depends on what you consider useful. You have a voice recorder; calendar; reminders; clock with timer, alarm, and other features, etc etc.

AH! Thank you for the prompt reply my friend! It would be like 10 minute videos each maybe? I dont know somewhere in that time frame.

I would NOT have much on it. I mean I have my 32 gig IPod for music. And my IPod is for music and pictures only. I dont do video on that thing.

I wanted something where I can easily see and push record on when I felt I wanted to start a video.

AND! Can you tell me more about ""? That sounds useful.

If not I will just use my WordPress to dump my stuff on.

As far as useful Apps I mean stuff like Pages. A Voice recorder can come in handy so I can record lectures. Can you run say a voice recorder AS you are typing in Pages?
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