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Nope I'm here. Ever since the first time I noticed the issue, I dont leave the iMac plugged in beyond testing it. I'll admit I'd been naive in thinking it was no big deal and just overlooking the issue as something actually dangerous. Initially, I honestly thought it was just my imagination.

Anyway I'll be taking the time again this weekend to pull it apart and visually check for obvious issues. Maybe as I was last assembling it, I clamped down on one of the power lines internally? I know I almost caught the airport antenna like that before.

I don't find it necessary to take it to a shop because it seems that at worst I'll end up just replacing the power supply and internal power cables/socket.

I wont be giving up on this machine Further insight is appreciated, pointing out that I understand the potential risks and dangers of working with such volitile hardware (which is why I wont be plugging this thing in until I actually do something about it)
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