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Alright so its a mid 2010.
I sat down in front of it like I do every day..and everything is different??
When I select a folder in finder, Anything and everything above it is selected to, same when I select something in text. And my double click isn't working, I can only open files from the right click. You're probably thinking, well check the settings! it must be there?! Welp, I did that and my settings are the same as when I left it, but its still not working right?!
Even when minimizing windows into the dash, they move really slow! just like when you click shift, except I don't have to click it and it does it,...ALL THE TIME. I can't figure out how to change it all back.
And when I want to open up the Force Quit window, it just automatically closes what I have open..
It wont let me copy past either...Help
If anyone can help me out, or anything would be greatly appreciated..
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