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What are you trying to check for in your IF conditional statement ?

To get the x and y coordinates of your image view within it's superview, you would retrieve it's frame origin, or center origin like this.

    CGPoint myImageViewsbottomLetfPoint = myImageView.frame.origin;
    CGPoint myImageViewsCenterPoint = [myImageView center];

    NSLog(@"myImageView's bottom left coordinates x = %f y = %f", myImageViewsbottomLetfPoint.x, myImageViewsbottomLetfPoint.y);
    NSLog(@"myImageView's center coordinates x = %f y = %f", myImageViewsCenterPoint.x, myImageViewsCenterPoint.y);
then you would check the x and y coordinates for a specific value, if that's what you're trying to achieve.

Be more specific about what you want to know.

Regards Mark
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