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Not sure why you insist on scaring people out of doing some work to something they own but to start off with that post is from 5 years ago. Secondly just because apple puts it in their computers doesn't mean it is the only thing that can go in there. The HD that I pulled out was clearly a piece of junk considering it was a base model WD and lasted 3 years of barely any use. Much like people do with the RAM by adding third party you can do with your HD. People suggest this because it is only 3 screws to remove and you can just clip it in. But they don't suggest the HD because you have to remove the screen, glass, and about 10 screws maybe?

I don't mean offense by saying this stuff, but like i said i just did this and I am no expert. My system now runs faster, has more space and the fans are not an issue. The HD that i bought runs the fans no problem and i do not require a third party program. I paid all of $150 bucks out the door and it took 30 mins to do (and i have never done anything like this before with a mac)

I just think that people deserve to all options not just 1.

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