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Hi everyone,
I am having problems with IMAP syncing in my Apple Mail... Problems is describes following, please help me to fix this. Also do let me know Is there any issue with Mavericks to syncing emails on IMAP?

Problems: 1. Mails delays for 15-20 min but shows on Google Web Interface.
2. Many times shows sent from outbox but doesn't reach to recipients on time.
3. Many times stucks in outbox for 20-30 min and then sent.
4. don't sync perfectly.. emails come to inbox in bunch suddenly with 15-20 min delay.

Tried to fix these all to do.....the following

1. Deleted IMAP profile from my iMac and recreated the same.
2. restarted iMAc but doesn't work
3. Contacted to Google but they had told that everything is fine on their side.

Please help if someone know something to fix this.
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