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Originally Posted by Rod Sprague View Post
I like MBP.17.David have 2 Apple Id's but I wonder how he gets around the 90 day device association rule for iTunes. He seems to be saying he has purchases on 2 different iTunes accounts all in one iTunes app.
It was my understanding you can't do that unless he is using two separate devices.
Yup, all on the same MBPro 17". Just like Luvntravln said above, I simply log out of the UK store and login to the US one - the message pops up telling me the account only valid for the US store and iTunes is taking me there - done. Quite often I do that a few times a day - particularly when there are updates for apps purchased in different stores, or new episodes of TV shows ... My Apple TV is permanently log in with UK store ID, but has full access to my entire library, including items purchased in the US store.

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