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Barbara, you might be interested in using a low tech approach. I stress it’s not as secure as say “1Password” but it’s what my wife does and she, like you, used to have one password for everything.

Her laptop login is a phrase. You can use a nonsense phrase that you will remember like, “I don’t roast fish”. This is much stronger than your name or birthday or combination of the two and much harder to guess. Mix up the lower and upper case letters and it’s even stronger.
Do make sure you tell someone you trust what it is. Recently a woman left her new iPad to her son in her will but had not told him the password. It is now an expensive paperweight. Apple will not help and neither can a technician. There is of course always the possibility that we might forget it ourselves eg. stroke, illness, accident, Alzheimer’s etc.

She has a free dedicated email account that she uses for her user name. That way any annoying ads don’t end up in her main email address.

She uses a free app from the App Store called DoorMan to create passwords for each new site.

On each new occasion she creates a MS Word document named for the site eg “Mac Forums” docx and saves it in a folder with an innocent name (not My Passwords) in a place she can find easily.

Now any time she needs to log in to a site she goes to the appropriate doc and simply copies and pastes her user name and password into the dialogue boxes.

I say again this is convenient and simple but not very secure but, it is much safer than using the same password or weak passwords for everything and your main email address is more secure.

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