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I am not sure this is the proper thread for this question. If it is not then move it to where it belongs

I have used the same password for a lot of sites including Apple. Apparently that is not a good idea so I am in the process of changing passwords.

However I am a bit confused as the application or use of my Apple account(s) and passwords

I have a password I use to log into my computer and I use the same password for my Apple ID account and my iTunes account.

Are all of my Apple accounts connected so they would use the same password?

IF I change my Apple ID password will it also change my iTunes password or visa versa?
Or are my Apple ID and my iTunes account the same?

When I change either my Apple ID password or my iTunes password or both will it also change the password I use to log into my computer ?

I hope this makes sense . I don't want to create a mess for myself
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