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Originally Posted by TattooedMac View Post
Sorry and don't take this wrong, but all I see in the OP is everything to do with Windows, so I'm wondering what the OP, wants to move to a Mac and Run Windows via Bootcamp where you can get everything done on another Portable Windows machine ?!?!?!?
Am I missing something ??
Excellent point.Thanks!

My current machine is 3 years old and is beginning to develop quirks and the such, which is typical for Window machines. I have never had a Window machine last longer than 3 years without developing major problems.

So I need to buy something soon. My thought was to migrate to Apple, as they seem to be more reliable and much less finicky. So the question for me is do I buy a Windows ultrabook now, which will be pretty easy to set up and add my current peripherals.

Surprisingly, I have found that top of the line ultrabooks are about the same price as a comparable Macbook Pro.

Eventually I will reduce my computing needs to just personal stuff. Also syncing iWork files with the iCloud would be much easier than my current solution for personal computing.

I haven't made a decision yet, but will need to get a computer withing the next month or so.
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