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Originally Posted by RavingMac View Post
Welcome. I'll try to answer a few of your questions in no particular order, and leave the rest to others.

No need to purchase "Mac Compatible" drives. HDs are HDs, just how you format them.

Paragon Software sells driver pack to allow Mac to Read/Write NTFS; there are other packages available (some free) but Paragon is the one that comes readily to mind.

If you already have good monitors I'd stick with them. I'm using a Caldigit Thunderbolt Docking Station for peripheral expansion, seems to work well.

VMWare or Paralllels may be a better option than BootCamp, but I don't run Windows on my Macs, so I could be wrong.

Mint is one potential substitute for Quicken, though I gave up using CheckBook software several years ago, and use Excel and my Online Bank software instead.

BTW Macs will natively Read NTFS, just won't Write without 3rd party software/drivers.
Thanks RavingMac. I just read about Parallels and it seems to be a much simpler installation option.

I would want to keep my present Hard Drives with the files on them. Just need to move files to a new Mac. Makes more sense to me to get new externals for a Mac.

I need to keep Quicken as my investments and several bank accounts are tracked in them. I do 100% electronic for financial transactions.
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