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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
I wouldn't be against this given what's been happening & tried so far.

One possible problem. I think that you mentioned doing a Time Machine restore at least once (if not more) when you have this problem. You never know...the problem (whatever it is) may be on your Time Machine backup.

So if you decide to do a "wipe and reload"...this may work...but as soon as you do a Time Machine restore...the issue may reappear. So I guess it depends what's on the Time Machine backup...and if you have those items backed up somewhere else if you need them (apps, vids, music, photos, etc.).

- Nick
If I opt for the wipe/reload, I would most likely just make a list of all the software I'm using and either re-download it for the free stuff, and backup my installer packages for the ones I have bought etc. and actually go through the process like a new computer. All my music and videos etc are all stored on an external drive. The Time Machine backup pulls from the internal and external drives and backs up separately on a second external. I would also wipe the backup drive and start fresh there.

I was a DOS/Windows user forever, so wiping and starting over is not a new concept.
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