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Originally Posted by Radiophil View Post
Keep your current laptop and go for the 27 inchi iMac Desktop
A friend of mine said the same, but the problem is that my 2010 least powerful MBP version is starting to lag. I could of course do a complete reset, but then again, how long will I be able to use it in the future? I feel the need to have something portable too. Maybe I should indeed go for the iMac, reset my MBP and if it starts to lag and fail completely buy a cheaper iPad for on the go?

An other friend told me to definitely go for the new 15" MBP, but i'm going to study design and development and I'm not sure if 15" will cut it. I could buy a Thunderbolt screen after a couple of years, but then again it's another 1000$ spent on computer related parts, which I'm not sure I will be able to afford...
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