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Hey guys. I have a late 2012 Mini. It's running Mavericks. All updates have been done.

On occasion it freezes. This generally requires that I hold in the power button until it shuts down, then I push the power button again and it boots up and I'm back in business.

On two previous occasions, and now today for the third time overall, when I restart, it's like it's being powered on for the first time. All settings are at their defaults, Dock is like the first time I started up, main hard drive and main storage drives are empty. Everything gone. Also in this state, no setting changes save if I try to change something, like mouse tracking speed etc.

Thank God for Time Machine! It is currently saving my butt again, as it had done the last backup about 10 minutes before the blip...

Sure it's only an hour out of my life to run the restore, but I am really hoping someone has an idea of what is happening and an idea of how to prevent it from happening again.

Sorry for the long post. I appreciate any insight.

My setup is this, just in case it matters:

2012 Mac Mini i5, 2.5 GHz, 4 GB Ram, 500 GB HDD
External Super Drive
2 external 3.5" HDDs in USB 3 Enclosures. One of them is a 2TB that i use for storage and stuff, the other is a 3TB that is used for Time Machine. Its connected to an ISP supplied gigabit switch and then to the ISP supplied Modem/Switch/Wifi box.
I also use the AirPort wireless.
Magic Mouse
M7803 Apple Pro Keyboard
Dual Sharp 32" 1080p HDTV displays
BalanceFrom USB3 Hub
APC UPS connected to the Hub via USB for monitoring.
Canon MX452 Pringer
Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface.


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