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I bought the new 27" iMac 3 days ago and I'm quite satisfied with it. Nevertheless, I have some questions and a problem to report. I tranferred everything from my previous 2011 iMac to the new one without an issue.
Yesterday night while I was browsing in Firefox and had Skype, VLC, iTunes and Mail open the whole iMac locked up. I could move the mouse but I couldn't click on anything. Everything was frozen completely plus the music from iTunes had stopped. I pressed the power button and shut the Mac down forcely. When it restarted I went to my log files to search for a report but there wasn't any. How can I resolve the issue since it's a brand new iMac and I don't want it to be faulty or anything.
I have a question as well. My previous iMac had 3 fans inside but the new model has only one fan. Won't this create an overheating issue?
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