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Hey all. I have a 2009 unibody MBP. Running Mountain Lion and Windows 7 via Boot Camp.

Attached to this post is a picture of the screen my MBP has been making here and there lately (note: that's not my laptop, i just grabbed that off the net as it seems to be a common problem). The screen randomly goes purple and keyboard and mouse stop working. if i shake the screen the problem disappears.

most people agree the problem is the lvds cable. seems straightforward enough right? hardware issue. i even connected the laptop to an external monitor while it was bugging out and the problem was not present on the external monitor. so seems like it would be the lvds cable and/or the lcd. but here's the kicker: it never happens in mac mode.

seems to me that if it was a hardware issue it'd happen in mac mode too.

the only reason i can come up with that it might not happen in mac mode is because it seems like heat triggers the issue, and since i never do anything more cpu-intensive than surf the net in mac mode, it never has a chance to get that hot unless it's in pc mode.

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