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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
You can not install Mountain Lion since your new Air came pre-installed with
Mavericks. You can not downgrade. From your statement above I don't know if you're using Boot Camp to install Windows 7 Pro?

The Boot Camp assistant will recognize that your Air does not have an optical drive and offers to create a bootable USB flash drive from your downloaded ISO of Windows 7 Pro. It also advises you to download a driver image from Apple which can be placed on a flash drive to load during the installation process.

How about telling us exactly what steps you've taken as it seems we're missing something here.
Hello chscag,

Thanks for your comments, sorry I neglected to include my rundown of events. Hope I haven't missed anything else out. I followed the BootCamp Assistant for this process.

1) Updated the mac via software update

2) Opened Disk Utility to and chose the top level of my 8GB USB stick, formatted to MS-DOS FAT since it was under 32GB...

3) Ran BootCamp Assistant and chose "Create install disk...." - selecting Windows 7 Professional 64 bit ISO from my desktop and destination - my 8GB USB

4) Created Windows partition

5) BootCamp created the Win partition, restarted my MBA and launched into Windows Install.

I got as far as selecting United Kingdom for country/lang preferences and then encountered driver errors.

Please note: I have also tried installing Windows via creating the USB without downloading the support software.
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