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My MacBook Air arrived last week with Mavericks pre-installed and I've been unable to install Windows 7 Professional 64 bit on it.

I get the following errors:


Please note the images are not my images, but found them online in other forums - I'm using these purely to show the error messages

I used an ISO file to create a bootable USB to install Windows, which I have done before on an older MBA, using a 32 bit version.

There is nothing wrong with the ISO file I use as it works on other regular laptops (non-Mac). Apple Technical support have so far, asked me to ensure I'm using a retail version of Windows 7 Pro, which I am. It's company software which we download from Microsoft directly.

Not sure if the fact the new MBA comes with USB3 ports could have anything to do with this.

The Apple Technical team are in contact with me and this has been escalated to the engineering team, but I've been tirelessly Googling the issue and reading posts of many forums.

So far I've thought about reverting back to Mountain Lion - which I am sure isn't a good move....and also installing Win 7 Pro via a windows partition without using BootCamp.

Has anyone else encountered these issues? Any ideas? Please help

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