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Hey there Mac Forum! (Long time lurker, first time poster)

I've searched and searched for info and have found some posts that were informative but in the end, it was hard to get the info I needed without weeding through the endless amount of troll posts.


The title says it all. I rescued a Power Mac G5. It looks amazing. Clean, well kept etc. I have yet to power it up but let's just assume it boots up fine, what are my options for making this current...or as current as possible? It's not Intel so I know motherboard and processor is going to be my first bridge

Basically, what are my options? Most programs I want to run on this thing are Intel based so I guess I need to start from the ground up.

If anyone out there doesn't mind me picking their brain about this, it'll be greatly appreciated. And sorry if this topic has been done before...
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