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lifesabeach asked ..... Ok, first off, where exactly are these files located?

The files that I want to move to the SD card are located on my desktop. They are located inside folders named for the author. There are 26 Authurs with anything between 6 and 42 novels inside each folder and they are all under 600kb

The first SD card to be tested is one that I have had for about 4 years. It is 128mb in size. The Format line says .....MS-DOS (FAT 16) There is no actual name on the card unless "Multimediacard" is a registered name.

The next one to try is a 1gb MicroSD card in an adapter. I've had it for years and it hs been used with no problems at all. According to the Info it is formatted as MS-DOS (FAT 16) and has a capacity of 966.5mb.

The next one is similar in build up but it is a 128 mb micro SD card in an adaptor. As before, owned for years and used to drag/drop files many times in the past with no problems. This one is formatted just the same as the first 2 but this one has a capacity of 122.5 mb.
I'll leave it there for now and get on with some work.
Cheers all,

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