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Lets assume that you can connect to both first floor and second floor SSIDs from either floor. Would this be correct?

If running Mountain Lion or Mavericks option click on the WIFI icon in the menu bar and select open Wireless Diagnostics.
Select the Window menu and then Utilities. Then select Performance.

As the graph fills in you are looking to have and SNR value of 20 or higher. This constitutes an Excellent connection. Anything lower than 5 is unacceptable. 10-20 would be the minimum and deemed a Good connection.

This will help you place the Airport Expresses as to not saturate a location and under serve another. This is not the Apple best practice, but it is a supported one that does not require wiring each AE location.

Mesh in this case would be achieved by placing the AE devices to maintain the highest SNR value. Keep in mind that wireless traffic is not full duplex. This means that AEs that are only connected wirelessly versus back fed to the Airport Extreme will perform slower simply because they can only transmit or receive data and not both at the same time.

Wi-Fi base stations: Extending the range of your wireless network by adding additional Wi-Fi base stations
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