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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
Dave. I'm not sure if I should be offended or not for the "foot in the mouth comment".

I am also very very very very familiar with the website. I've been using it for years & years…and have been recommending it to Mac-Forum members for years & years as assistance in their repair needs......
Hi again Nick - AND OH MY! Just a 'tongue in cheek' expression (one of the only forums that I frequent that seems to be a buddy type) - SO, I sincerely apologize for my obvious ignorance in my previous post - I'm the one w/ at least one if not two feet in my mouth.

I obviously did not pay as much attention to the OPs first posts, i.e. assuming that the issue was w/ a laptop - my complete misunderstanding. In the future, I shall be more careful in reading the details - seems to an easy mistake.

Please accept my sincere apologies - I shall not respond to this thread in the future and will be careful about my future posts so not to lessen the immense value of this forum.

Thanks for all of your help and the other mods - this has been a valuable forum for me and I don't want to be considered a less than useful member. Dave

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