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Originally Posted by simboson View Post
Hey guys, I have a bit of an issue....

I have a Macbook Pro 2011, my wife and I have seperate iTunes so we use the same Mac on different log-ins. We have a ton of files (Mostly photos) on both sides of the Mac that I want to back up. I have just taken delivery of a WD My Passbook 2tb.

I was just going to use Time Machine but it seems that wont work the way I want.

Any suggestions on how i can do this or do I need a second hard drive?
Hi Simon - welcome to the forum! If these files are important to you and your wife, then you need redundant backups, so the one WD HD should be just for starters - Time Machine (TM) will backup multiple users and accounts so not sure what your issue(s) may be regarding the bolded statement above - please explain?

For myself (MBPro & iMac), I have each on TM w/ separate external HDs - usually recommended to devote the entire drive to a single TM backup. Also, I do bootable clones of each machine using Carbon Copy Cloner (have 2 partitions on another external HD). Finally, for our personal files (pics/music/documents), I have another smaller external SSD for my laptop & use Carbonite (online) for my wife's iMac.

SO, I'd certainly use your current WD for a TM backup, and then at least another external HD (or USB drives of appropriate size) to duplicate backup of your personal files; and you might want to look into the cloning options - plenty of info here - Dave
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